The Woodcut Workshop Logo

One of the first things any beginning enterprise needs is a logo. Thankfully being a woodcut print making enterprise, the Woodcut Workshop can make it's own! Here is the story of how I created the logo on the top left of the website. 

I always find the initial design is easiest in pencil. You can fly through a ton of ideas really quickly and narrow in on the one that stands out the best. Many of my prints begin the exact same way - a crappy sketch with just enough information to record the core ideas. 

Now that I have a layout I like, it's time to refine. Designing good looking typography is hard enough on its own,  drawing it in reverse is like running a marathon on your hands. Thankfully computers are great at doing work like this! Here is a paper print out glued onto the wooden printing plate (hidden). I decided to draw the chisel in free hand because I already had a design I liked.

Carving finished! It took me about two hours. 

The very first print is done. You can see some areas where I didn't quite carve enough like the line under "The" and the "d" in Woodcut. Thankfully its really easy to carve more wood away - adding it back is a different story. 

Done! I cleaned up some of the areas mentioned above but deliberately left some areas rough. This is a hand made image and I want it to look the part. I could probably use a ruler and magnifying glass to make it look just as accurate as a computer can - but then why not save the effort and use the original printout? A computer could never create the lovely inaccuracies like: ink stipples, blobs and other imperfections that make this logo look much more unique and authentic than a computer graphic.