Cut Paper Workshop with Tania Love

This weekend, Tania Love will be presenting the third workshop in Print London's summer program, The Print Garden. Participants will learn how to cut and manipulate (printed) washi into 3D forms as part of a collaborative art installation. 

Tania Love is a Toronto based visual artist who takes the cues for her work from the natural and cultural environment. Recipient of numerous grants, international residencies and exhibitions, her work has been seen in public and commercial galleries, popup vitrines and design projects across the globe from her native Toronto and Ontario surrounds, to NYC, France, Poland, Japan and India. In the past year her work was featured in the Toronto Offsite Design Festival at the Craft Ontario Gallery and at Alison Milne Gallery in Toronto.

In recent years Tania's art practice has evolved as a direct response to place, where the season, the palette, natural forms and cultural context have all figured in the realization of specific works. From marbling paper, to hand cut lacework, braiding reclaimed wire, plant tannin prints and cyanotypes, her work nods to traditional processes and expresses innovative outcomes. With a keen interest in the materials she explores, she look towards creating pieces that invite slower rhythms and encourage tactility and relationship to natural cycles.

There are still a few places left in this workshop. Participants will be working with prints made in previous workshops to help build the collaborative art installation at Satellite Project Space.